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Diamonds come in many shapes. Though it may seem to some there are only a set number of shapes, new shapes are constantly be devised by cutters and merchants alike.

Popular Shapes

  • Round Brilliant - Accounts for over 75% of diamond sales, possibly because it reflects so much light.

  • Princess - The second most popular shape, is square and possesses nearly as much refractive properties as the round brilliant.

  • Oval - Described as an "elongated round" it also possesses the same kind of sparkle as a round brilliant. Popular in three stone anniversary rings.

  • Emerald - Is rectangular with its corners cut off. The emerald is one of the more traditional shapes, though not as popular as it once was.

  • Marquise - Another more traditional shape, best described as a "pointed oval". May suffer from the Bow Tie effect.

  • Heart - Possibly the least popular of all shapes. Though some people may want it for romantic or sentimental purposes.

  • Radiant - Similar to a princess cut, but with its corners cut off. Was popular before the princess grew in popularity.

  • Pear - Popular in pendants and shaped like a tear drop.

Effect On Pricing

A diamond's shape has quite a significant effect on its pricing. IGSExternal Link lists 10 diamond shapes and their effect on price. From this table, it can be seen that non-round brilliant cuts are usually priced between 60-80% of the price of an equivalent round brilliant.