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Buying a diamond, whether online or through a brick and mortar store can be hard and trying experience. With no other significant purchase are there so much technical details, so many differing opinions and so much to learn.

At Jogia Diamonds, we take the guesswork out of buying a diamond. Not only do all our diamonds have GIA or AGS certificates and a generous return policy, but we analyse each diamond we sell using our own equipment - taking the information presented on the independent lab report to the next level.

With each diamond purchased, comes the following information:

  • Microscopic Photo
  • Ideal-Scope or AGS ASET Image
  • 360° Animation of the Diamond
  • Full Proportion and Firetrace Output

All our Crossfire & Signature Series diamonds have this information downloadable at a click of a mouse. Our international selection allows you to select from over 130,000 diamonds, 45,000 of them with at least one photograph, and some with hearts, arrows, Ideal-Scope and AGS ASET pictures. Added to this, all our International Selection diamonds are analysed like our Crossfire & Signature Series diamonds upon arrival at our laboratory.

Together with our ring builder and earring settings, we make buying a loose diamond, diamond engagement ring or diamond earrings an easy and pain-free experience.