Engagement Rings FAQ

How Are Your Rings Manufactured?

We offer the choice of either handmade or handcrafted rings. We are one of the only jewellers in Australia who do all our work in house, including diamond setting, Platinum and Palladium casting and computer aided design (CAD).

What is the Difference Between Handmade and Handcrafted?

Handmade refers a ring being made from scratch. That is, a 6mm square bar of metal being rolled, bent, twisted and shaped to form a ring. This method is more labour intensive, thus more expensive, but produces a heavier, more durable finished product. Handcrafted refers to one or more pieces of a ring (usually a setting and shank) being cast from a mold, and then being cleaned, joined, set and polished by hand. This method is cheaper and usually faster than the handmade process.

Are The Rings Premade? Can I Come To Your Shop and Look at Them?

We have our most popular designs on display in our showroom.

Can I Buy An Engagement Ring Without Buying A Diamond From You?

Yes, there is a "Buy Now" button at the bottom of the page of each ring. You will need to tell us the dimensions of the centre stone and either send it to us, or, we can recommend a gemstone setter near you.

Do I Get To View The Ring Before Purchase?

Yes, every ring that is handmade by us is able to be viewed before final setting and polishing. For interstate and overseas clients, this usually means sending photos of the unfinished ring. For handcrafted rings, including those designed with CAD, we can send you a 3D printed model of your selected ring before you commit to the ring.

How Long Does It Takes To Make A Ring?

It is always difficult to say, but on average about two to four weeks. Some may take longer due to more labour needed, or a manufacturing fault requiring the ring to be remade.

Can You Make Rings Any Faster?

Yes, in most cases we are able to manufacture a ring to accomodate a deadline.

The Ring I Want Isn't Shown Here. Can You Make It?

Yes, the rings shown here represent our previous work. Many clients either use our design service, send us a design or tell us to make a hybrid of the rings they've seen on our site.

Do You Give Free Ring Resizing?

Yes, we offer one free resizing for each engagement ring we sell. Subsequent resizings and resizings for wedding rings start from $50. We do recommend you get the ring size correct the first time using our free ring sizer.

What Guarantee Do You Have On Your Rings?

We give a better than lifetime guarantee and offer free minor repairs on all our rings and earrings, whether the damage is your fault or not.

How Are Warranty Claims Handled?

All warranty claims and ring resizings must be brought or sent back to us. For those not in Perth, we will organise a courier to send it back to us.

Can I Speak to the Jeweller or Designer Making My Ring?

Sure, you are welcome to meet in person, or chat over the phone or via email.