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How to Sell a Diamond Engagement Ring

Judging by classified ads like those in The Trading Post, there are always people selling diamond engagement rings. The most common cause is that the engagement or wedding was called off, leaving the would-be bride or groom with an expensive ring, along with all the emotional baggage attached to the ring.

We actually get quite a few calls and emails from people wanting to sell their diamond engagement ring or jewellery. Sometimes they’ve upgraded the diamond, other times they need the money, but most commonly, the engagement has been called off.

Unfortunately, none of these calls or emails have ever resulted in us buying the diamond or engagement ring, and the advice we usually give people is to either take it to a valuer and speak to them or contact the store you bought it from, as they most likely deal in the kind and quality of ring that you have previously bought from them.

However, it’s not that we’re adverse to buying diamonds from the public, it’s just that none of the diamond offered to us would suit our inventory or our target market. For example, if someone came off the street today, and offered to sell us a 1ct F/SI1, AGS 000, we’d have no hesitation to buy it – and we’d pay good money for it. However, the story would be different if someone came off the street and offered us a 1ct H/VS1, very good cut, certified by a lab we’d never heard of before.

Good Selling Begins With Good Buying

Buying a diamond engagement ring is usually a very emotional purchase, but that doesn’t mean you have to get ripped off by buying a ring that looks good in the store or with a nice design, but is worthless. Below are some tips that I think I would consider if I was buying a diamond engagement ring:

  • Certificates add a lot of resale value to your diamond, especially GIA or AGS. However, that shouldn’t preclude certificates from other labs or uncertified stones, as long as they are accurately graded. You can confirm the grading by going to an independent appraiser.
  • Make sure the diamond is eye-clean if buying an SI1 or SI2 graded stone.
  • Learn a little about diamond pricing in general. Browse our site, as well as others to get an idea as to what the wholesale price for diamonds is, as well as the differences in pricing between colour and clarity grades are as well as the proportions.
  • Don’t buy a pre-made ring solely based on the design of the ring. Put some effort into your purchase and buy the diamond separately, and then think about the ring.
  • Remember, valuations are for insurance purposes, shouldn’t be given prior to purchase, and are not grading reports!

What Your Diamond Engagement Ring is Worth

On the free and open market, your diamond engagement ring is worth the wholesale price of the diamond(s) plus the amount of gold or platinum used in the ring.
The easiest way for a consumer to buy a ring close to the wholesale price is to buy from an online diamond broker (like our International Selection) and then buying a cast ring. This effectively eliminates the overheads or maintaining and stocking a retail store, and then goes one step further and eliminates the cost and wastage incurred when hand-making a ring.
However, the majority of people do not do this, and therefore, engagement ring buyers need to accept that what they are buying may well worth 1/2 or even 1/3 of what they are paying.

How to Sell Your Diamond Engagement Ring

Selling a diamond engagement ring is not an easy thing to do. If you have bought well (see the tips above), it makes it a lot easier, but most commonly, people have no idea as to the proportions of their diamond and/or have inaccurate grades. Therefore, it is best to give your diamond to a reputable local lab (Such as GSL in Sydney), or if you’re not in Sydney or Melbourne, ask a local dealer to send the diamond to them. If you think it’s worth it, then you can also send the diamond to an international lab such as the GIA (again, best to ask a dealer to do this).

The next step is to find an accurate wholesale price for your diamond. The easiest way to do this is to look at our International Selection which are diamonds listed at an international wholesale price, plus a small margin. Keep in mind that cut and proportions make a huge difference, so try to find a diamond as close as possible to your one.

Once you have your diamond certified, and an accurate wholesale price, then you are ready to sell. The “I’m Feeling Lucky” option is to advertise via classifieds or even Ebay, however, success may be limited as people generally don’t want to buy engagement rings from broken engagements. You will also need to get the ring professionally polished as well.

If you’ve had no luck selling via the classifieds, then it’s time to get help from a dealer or retailer. First stop would be to ask the store where you bought it from, as common sense says that they’d probably be the best people to sell it for you. However, if they are not helpful, then ask some dealers in your area, or even online, remembering that you do have a near-wholesale price. However, don’t expect cash, as dealers may take the diamond or ring on consignment, meaning they will pay you when they sell it.

Alternatives to Selling

Sometimes, it may be best to keep the diamond, buy another and make a pair of earrings. Alternatively, you could melt the gold and make a nice pendant. You may even want to try your luck and hold on to the diamond and hope that diamond prices will rise, or the Australian dollar will fall.

162 Responses to “How to Sell a Diamond Engagement Ring”

  1. Trish Says:

    Thanks for the information above. I tried to click on the GSL link above and it would not connect.
    Is there another place in Sydney that I could get a certificate for my diamond?
    Kind Regards,

  2. Nikhil Says:

    Try https://www.gemstudieslaboratory.com.au/

  3. Stefan Says:

    Hi, Can you recommend any places in Sydney that do buy Diamond Engagement Rings from the Public or somewhere that will sell it for me for a fee?

  4. Nikhil Says:

    Hi Stefan
    Try DCLA Diamond Exchange https://www.dcladiamondexchange.com.au
    They are good people and can sell the diamond for you. The also have a pawnbrokering licence.

  5. Michael Says:

    Hey there can you recommend a place to sell this diamond ring in Melbourne
    I have tried ebay a few times now but no luck. I am selling it for less than half price.

  6. Nikhil Says:

    Hi Michael
    Have you tried approaching Charles Rose about it?

  7. sunny Says:

    i am having one dimond with me and i want to sell it. where i can sell. i m in melbourne

  8. Nikhil Says:

    Maybe try Klepners – https://www.klepners.com.au

  9. Monica Says:

    I am having diamond rings with me and I want to sell it, where i can sell in Perth or WA ?

  10. fadi Says:

    hi where can i find diamond store in sydney that i can sell it my diamond ring

  11. Ninette cilia Says:

    where can I sell my diamond ring in Melbourne/

  12. Ashleigh Says:

    Hi there, do you know of anywhere in Brisbane that will certify and sell my diamond engagment ring?

  13. Claudia Says:

    Hello, I have a platinum engagement ring, it is engraved and used. Should I remove the engraving before attempting to sell it? or should I sell the diamond separately and keep the platinum?

  14. Nikhil Says:

    Yes, definitely remove the engraving and get it polished before attempting to sell it. If the diamond is certified and high quality, then yes, it may be worth selling the diamond separately.

  15. Nicole Says:

    Hi I have a never worn engagemant ring and has harly even come out the box where could i sell it in perth or is ebay my best option?

  16. Nikhil Says:

    In Perth, try Smith and Sinclair on the corner of Pier and Murray Sreets.

  17. kylie Says:

    Hi there, I have a 1.5ct August Vintage Cushion set in a Harry Winston style micropave halo. It was purchased a few months ago (from usa) and has never been taken out of the box. We have decided the house is more important and we are going to sell it before it even gets out of the box. any suggestons on where to take this in Melbourne?

  18. Nikhil Says:

    Hi Kylie
    Try Klepners in Little Collins St (https://www.klepners.com.au). They specialise in antique jewellery.

  19. kylie Says:

    thanks so much. The August Vintage Cushion is a new stone that is cut like a antique stone and have incredible bold flashes and fire..(not sure if you have heard of them?? Would this store still be appropriete to go to?

  20. Nikhil Says:

    Yes, they specialise in antique jewellery.

  21. danielle Says:

    Hi there, I have 2 diamonds both 1/2 carats F/VS1 and F/VVS2 certified by DCLA – I am wanting to sell them – any ideas where I could sell them in Brisbane area and an indication of what they might be worth.
    Many thanks.

  22. Nikhil Says:

    Hi Danielle
    Try DCLA Diamond Exchange. Ask for Roy and tell them I sent you.

  23. Kelly Says:

    Hi, I am not sure where to go to sell my engagement ring in Melbourne. The only specs i have for the ring are as follows:
    18ct BT 1.00ct PC Solitaire JKL/SI-PI Any adivce would be greatly appreciated.

  24. Kerry Says:

    Hi there
    I have an 18ct white gold wedding ring –
    123=4.28ct round brilliant cut diamonds set in a pave setting on a high domed ring.
    G/H Clarity
    Total weight 15.87 grams.
    Any suggestions as to where I might be able to sell it in Melbourne?

  25. Julia Diamond Says:

    The best place for you to sell a rough diamond is https://TheDiamondLining.com . They will be able to off you more for your diamond than anyone else because they have access to the knowledge and equipment necessary to cut and polish your stone. They have the ability to turn a rough stone into a finished and polished diamond so they should be able to offer you more than anyone else would be able to.

  26. kim Says:

    i have an engagement ring, unworn but tried on,
    18 carat white gold
    1.01 ct F/VS2 princess cut centre stone, .20ct of brilliant cut diamonds running up either side of the band. Handcrafted. Beautiful piece of jewellery. Any suggestions as where in sydney i can sell? thanks

  27. lynette durham Says:

    I have an engagement ring that I want to sell
    18K thick white gold band
    1.54ct D/SI2 EGL certified brilliant solitaire.
    Any ideas where to sell in Melbourne?

  28. Adam Says:

    I have a full wedding ring set including an eternity ring. Paid over $2k per ring. Engagment ring one centre Diamond 0.35 and 51 small diamonds surrounding total 0f 0.65 ct. Wedding bands are .95 same as eternity ring. 54 diamonds each. Any ideas on where to sell it in Brisbane? 14ct Gold band and setting.

  29. 2caratdiamondengagementrings Says:

    Thank you for sharing. I like very much. I will come back again. I hope you will write articles to read as good.

  30. Abraham Says:

    Try a place in sydney Called Grace city jewellers if you are looking at selling some diamonds he got voted Number 1 Diamond and Gold and buying centre In sydney by Choice Magazine

  31. Rochelle Says:

    I have my mums engagement ring bought from a sydney jeweller in 1975. We’v had it valued and tried to sell on ebay but were scammed each and every time. We live in bathurst and desperately need to sell it for payments on our own upcomming wedding- happy to travel to sydney if need be…
    Thank u

  32. Aimee Says:

    Hi, i have a 18k white gold wedding set, the engagement ring has a dcla diamond certificate and the wedding band a valuation certificate. i’m in brisbane and am wanting to sell them… Is there anywhere in brisbane that i can try? Ebay is no good and i can’t bring myself to ask cash converters how much they would give me… Hope to hear from you soon…
    Thanks.. Aimee

  33. danielle Says:

    hi i have a 2.39 ct dimond ring thats 14k gold and P3 clarity. it has 1 inclusion and im just wondering where would be best to sell it? i had it valued at the australian gem testing in collins street and have tried selling it on ebay but no luck? any sugestions would be much appreciated

  34. Suzi Minobe Says:

    Is there a place in Brisbane that buys used diamond engagement rings

  35. Beverley Says:

    I have a platimum three wire four and tow claw set engagement style ring for sale.
    Diamond round brilliant cut 2.35 carats estimated weight measuring 8.57 x 8.57 x 5.00mm Colour J-K VS1
    Fantastic cut makes ring sparkle – has side diamonds also. Any idea where it can be sold? Last valuation for insurance purposes in 2003 was 31K

  36. Kylie Says:

    I have a gorgous 1.02ct Brilliant cut G-VS2 excellent to very good cut diamond that i would like to sell. EGL certified and comes with all its certifications of authenticity, brought directly from universal diamonds, the diamond is originally found in Belguim. UGS Valuation of this ring is $12,250.00

  37. Jessie Says:

    I have a Tiffany & Co. platinum and solitaire diamond ring. One round brilliant cut diamond with a total of carat weight of 0.73, in I colour and VVS1 clarity. Retail Valuation replacement AUD$8500. Any idea on where I could sell this? Any idea’s where I could sell this? I have listed it on eBay but no such luck in selling it as yet.

  38. Nikhil Says:

    Try a good jeweller with a secondhand dealers licence in your local area. Tiffany pieces are quite sort after and maintain their value a lot more than jewellery bought at say a chain store.

  39. Kelly Says:

    Hi there, I am hoping you can assist. I purchased a hand crafted diamond engagement ring from Bell & Brunt in Adelaide – it is a 1.54 carat, brilliant cut diamond, VS1, Colour H. It has an 18 carat yellow gold pirouette claw setting. I am now looking to sell it to a jeweller & wondered if you could kindly direct me to a reputable jeweller in Brisbane (I have recently relocated from Adelaide)? Could you also give me an indication of what price I may expect? All the best, thanks!

  40. Nikhil Says:

    Try https://www.jaa.com.au/sellingadvice/selling-advice

  41. Paul Says:

    Hi Folks. Where is the best place to sell a diamond engagement ring in brisbane

  42. elodie Says:

    Hi there. I have a hand crafted, antique diamond ring with 0.39 ct brilliant cut diamond, clarity SI, colour GH, one claw set flanked by 6 swiss cut diamonds, clarity SI, colour I-J 0.10ct. Embedded in 18ct yellow gold, 18ct white gold and palladium. I live in Melbourne and wish to sell it. Can you please suggest a suitable place to contact? Many thanks:)

  43. Nikhil Says:

    Try Klepner’s at 324 Little Collins St.

  44. Gabby Says:

    Where can I sell my engagement ring in Canberra?

  45. ABRAHAM Says:

    TOP Service,Top Prices,Happy customers

  46. denise Says:

    Please need a place in Brisbane that buys diamond rings

  47. sian Says:

    I have a .9 carat brilliant cut, platinum-set ring. The stone is over 60 years old but has been made into a new setting copied from a Tiffany’s setting. Where can I sell this in the Newcastle/Hunter region?

  48. Janelle hammelswang Says:

    I have 3 diamond rings one modern setting and 2 are an antique circa 1968-1970 setting set..i have had both very recently valued with certificate of cut size shape weight, all 3 rings have colaborated a considerable amount…my question is i live in Townsville..what would be the best way to go about selling these and receiving the valued amount. Thank you.

  49. JOEL Says:

    Hey Guys there a place in Brisbane named sell gold australia they pay top dollar on all your diamonds , gold, watches and anything of value there located in the anzac square arcade

  50. Suzie Says:

    I am hoping you can assist,i have an engagement ring, unworn but tried on, 18 carat white gold
    0.54ct D/VVS2 (GIA certified) Brilliant cut centre stone, with two rows of 6 brilliant cut diamonds running up either side of the band. Any suggestions as where in Adelaide i can sell? thanks

  51. Dani Stanton Dani Stanton Says:

    Hi, i think the best place to sell gold is www.postyourgold.com.au i’ve used them a few times now and they pay the best rate Australia wide. They have a guarantee too.

  52. Lisa Tancred Says:

    I have 2 sterling silver pendants both from Tiffany&co, one is worth $170 on the website and the other is worth $580 and its got a real diamond in it. Iam wanting to sell both for the best reasonable price as they are only 5 months old. Doesanyone know the best place i can sell them?

  53. Abraham Says:

    There a place in the Grace hotel that buys all your Unwanted Gold ,Diamonds and engagement sets at very good prices you should see them and speak to a gentleman name abraham 02-92998070

  54. john t Says:

    Hi Suzie,
    How much u r looking to sell the ring, I am interested the diamond only, pls call me 0406703397 if possible, thanks

  55. chris Says:

    Yes, I would agree that the place in the Grace Hotel is a pretty good place. I got a good price.
    thanks Jogia Diamonds

  56. Syra Says:

    Hi I have a 0.8ct D vvs2 hearts and arrows round brilliant diamond with excellent cut with igi cert. Could you please recommend me somewhere I can sell the diamond in Perth? It actually sits in a platinum ring with a pave band thinning towards the centre of the diamond, a daniel k design. I could take it back to the jeweler but I thought if try selling it myself I may get a cheaper diamond upgrade elsewhere.

  57. wanda Says:

    hi i have a wedding band and a engagment ring purchesed from bell & brunt adelaide discription is as follows.
    Beautiful diamond engagement ring and wedding band. Comes with Valuation Certificate from Bell and Brunt jewellers. Diamonds: 1 x .34 ct. brilliant, G-H/VVS. 1 x .17 ct. brilliant, G-H/VVS
    Setting: Claws – crossover design.
    Mount: 18 ct. yellow gold, handmade
    where could i sell these rings in adelaide yhey havent been valued since 1994 and was valued at $3000.00 then would like to sell these as no longer needed

  58. Tasi Says:

    I have a Platinum 950, diamond ring with 5x 0.50 carat round cut diamonds paveset setting.
    Carat- 2.5 kt total
    Cut- Brilliant Round cut
    Am looking to sell to save my home. Hardtimes have come my way. The info on your site is next to none. Unfortunately I am in NZD and there is no sites such as yours, based here with comprehensive help in selling diamonds. Certified by An independant Jeweller, but seeking second opinion on whether/where best place/business to sell to. Let alone in NZL! Was advised may be best to sell platinum loose diamonds seperately. Thoughts?
    Best Regards

  59. Nikhil Says:

    Hi Tasi
    Considering they sound like high quality diamonds, you should look at getting proper independent certification for the diamonds. Whilst in would necessitate taking the diamonds out of the ring and possibly destroying the ring, it would be a lot easier to sell the diamonds loose with proper certification.
    To get independent certification, you should try Gemlab in Auckland (www.gemlab.co.nz) or find a jeweller who can send them to GIA for certification, which will be a lot more expensive.

  60. Liz Hamilton Says:

    I have a very modern set diamond and gold ring that has a written valuation of $17,000.00
    This valuation was done in 1998. Gold prices have increased dramtaically since then but I am wondering where to go to sell it and what price I should expect to get
    I live on the Gold Coast Australia

  61. Kat Says:

    Thanks for the above article and information. It’s been the most helpful I’ve read so far!
    I have a round cut brilliant,
    1 carat,
    E color,
    good cut and polish,
    and fair symmetry diamond set in white platinum gold.
    Any ideas where in Sydney might be good to take it for sale?
    Thanks in advance.

  62. Nikhil Says:

    Hi Kat
    Try DCLA Diamond Exchange (www.dcladiamondexchange.com.au) or Grace City Jewellers (www.gracecityjewellers.com.au).

  63. James Says:

    I bought my fiance an engagement ring from LJ, but long story short, there is no need for it now.
    Where is the best place to sell it in Sydney?

  64. Nikhil Says:

    Try going back to LJ, as they should be able to help you. Otherwise, as suggested before try DCLA Diamond Exchange or Grace City Jewellers.

  65. karan Says:

    I want some loose diamonds approximately 100carat(0.01ct to 0.50ct) in India how plz suggest me

  66. karan Says:

    Sorry I want sell

  67. Nikhil Says:

    Hi Karan
    Try visiting your local diamond bourse.

  68. Karolina Says:

    Hi, I have a round brilliant diamond: 1.752 FSI1 set in a six ‘floral design’ claw in white gold and the band is in yellow. I’m looking to sell the engagement ring and upgrade. Any suggestions on where I can do this in Adelaide? Thanks, Karolina

  69. Lou Says:

    Hi, where in Melbourne can I take my diamond ring to be bought off me? I have the valuation certificate it came with.

  70. Nikhil Says:

    Try taking it back to the place you bought it from first.

  71. Geet Says:

    Hi Nikhil,
    I live in Brisbane and I have some diamonds in India.Can you please suggest me how can I sell them here?

  72. Avia Says:

    Hi Nikhil, on you recommendation I took my GIA certified square modified brilliant to Grace jewellers. There I was told the quality wasn’t correct and was offered 20% of the original price. I bought the diamond from express diamonds in Sydney you may know them, Do you think it is posible the stone is two colours lower and one purity lower ? I think I am being scammed. So I have called a dealer and ill take it to them to check the price and quality. This is all very upsetting. Anyway I thank you for the article and recommendation but not that happy with the result. If I find out he has lied to me about the quality and was trying to scam me I will let you know, before I take it further. Thanks again. Avia.

  73. Nikhil Says:

    Hi Avia
    It might be best to take it to an indepedent gemmologist before selling the diamond.

  74. Avia Says:

    Hi Nikhil, thanks for the advice my jeweller sent the stone to a valuer called Bill Secos and he said the stone is correctly graded by the GIA, . He also said that this has happened before with this very company, Sorry but this confirms my feeling that Grace jewellers is not doing right by me. And l feel that it is a disgrace to lie about the quality. I have sent in all the paperwork and details to Fair-trading they said they have been made aware of this companies dealings and have multiple complaints. Thanks for you advice but I think your recommending them is a poor choice.

  75. Nicole Says:

    Hi, I have an exquisite ladies engagement ring with matching wedding band I’m looking at selling. The engagement ring is 18ct White and Rose gold with a .71ct G Vs Eternity Hearts and Arrows Diamond (Laser inscribed with certificate), with 18 x .16 Natural Pink Vs-Si Diamonds and 10 x .35ct G Vs-Si Brilliant cut Diamonds, valued at $11K in 2005. The Ladies wedding ring is 18ct White gold, 3mm wide and contains 18 x .31ct G Vs Brilliant cut Diamonds in a channel set, valued at $1,900 in 2006. Could you recommend the best place to sell this please? I’m based in Brisbane. Thank you for your time 🙂

  76. Nicole Says:

    Sorry, forgot to note that the main diamond in the engagement ring is a G VS2 at .71 ct.

  77. Stacey Says:

    Beverley 2011 Do u still have your 2.3 carat ring, how much do you want for the ring.

  78. Stacey Says:

    Danielle 2011, how much do you want for you ring.

  79. susan Says:

    I have a 0.61ct yellow and white gold diamond solitaire ring colour g/h clarity vs1 valued at $5350 in 1987 by Australian gemologist Bill Sechos (GSL). I have been divorced for many years and keep the ring in a vault in a bank and have decided I want to sell it. I rang Sydney Diamond Buyers this afternoon and man that answered the phone totally dismissed me because I didn’t have GIA certification. When I questioned why the GSL certification was not adequate proof of the quality of the ring he just kept repeating it’s no good unless it has GIA certification. Can someone please explain to me why American appraisal surpasses Australian appraisal. Attitude
    of Sydney Diamond Buyers was extremely poor in my opinion.
    of Sydney Diamond Buyers was extremely poor and wouldn’t recommemd

  80. Nikhil Says:

    Hi Susan
    In the past few years, GIA’s popularity in Australia has skyrocketed, at the expense of local labs.
    That’s not to say that the local labs are not good, but in an age where the “certificate is worth more than the diamond”, a GIA certificate is becoming a must-have when selling a diamond.

  81. Susan Says:

    Thanks for the prompt reply Nikhil but just to clarify as I don’t possess GIA certification for my engagement ring I will be unable to sell it given the current expected paperwork. I suppose I can wait and see if one of my sons can produce a grand daughter and pass it down. Fingers crossed

  82. Kathy Says:

    I have a ring custom designed by Stefano Canturi, set in 18k white gold. Ring has 3 center diamonds – round brilliant 1.01 G/VS2, Very Good, Fluorescence none. There is 1.15 carat total shoulder diamonds F-G VS1 baguette and carre cut diamonds in his cubism design. Appraised value is $54k. Would like to sell. Is it better to break diamonds up or is there good value in it since it was a custom design, a complete one off? I, of course, have the GIA certificates and appraisal.

  83. Nikhil Says:

    Hi Kathy
    You should try to sell it as one piece. If not, try selling the centre diamond and the mount seperately.

  84. Bas Says:

    Hey Nikhil,
    I have 2.01ct cushion cut diamond that is already on the ring and it also has six smaller rectangular diamonds around the band.
    Basically the centre diamond details are cushion 2.01ct F colour, SI2, cut is Excellent/Excellent and no fluorescence. where in melbourne can i take it to and sell the ring or the diamond separately?

  85. Nikhil Says:

    Hi Bas
    Try Klepners at 324 Little Collins St Melbourne.

  86. Ann Says:

    Where in Brisbane can I sell an engagement ring. 18ct white cast ring with a round brilliant cut diamond measuring 7.14 in diameter with a weight of 1.40, I/J,clarityS12, 4 claw collet with a 4 princess cut diamond channel set with a weight of .07, facing colour G/H, clarity SI, 3.64mm-2.omm tapered shank. Total weight is 4.82. GIA Valuation is $21.5K

  87. Suzanne Says:

    Hello there I have a Vera Wang ( Love Collection) engagement ring brand new , retail value $15000 purchased at Mazzuchellis , unworn where could I possibly sell this ?? Thankyou so so much xx

  88. Adela Cruise Says:

    cut: radiant
    weight: 1.62ct
    colour: Y-Z
    Clarity: WS 2
    Set with 2 should diamonds
    Cut: Ascher
    Weight: .47ct total
    Also set with multiple round brilliant diamonds
    Weight: .19ct total
    Crafted in 750 Yellow and Gold platinum
    Anyone interested in buying?

  89. Linda Says:

    I have a 1.06 ct round brilliant cut diamond D colour SI1 clarity GIA very good cut, very good symetry and very good polish. I had the ring made at Hardy Brothers Jewellers (simple 6 claw looks brand new). It is valued at $24,000 just wondering what i could get for it and where in Perth i could sell it. I am very keen to purchase one of your diamonds same size but ex/ex/ex maybe hearts and arrows. Thanks

  90. Nikhil Says:

    Hi Linda
    Try Smith and Sinclair at 92 Murray St Perth.

  91. Russell Says:

    I was just wondering were would be the best place to sell an engagement ring in Adelaide?

  92. Steph Says:

    I have a Tiffany & Co engagement ring
    Pave setting with centre diamond 1 carat vvs2
    I have all original certificates with the ring
    Looking for somewhere in Brisbane preferably that i could sell this through
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

  93. Glenn Says:

    Hell Everyone there are many places to sell your diamond in Sydney . But be very careful on who you use ….
    Diamond Dealer
    Grace Jewellers
    The Grace Hotel Sydney, 77 York Street, Sydney NSW 2000
    (02) 9299 8070….
    And also there are talks on this page about
    They do not pay you what your diamond is worth I would stay away from both of them
    google DCLA
    They were going to be the next best Diamond valuators in Australia , but over the last few years they have made many mistakes I personally took the same diamond in and got it validated and it came back with different results that were quite a big difference. .
    I will buy diamonds from anyone or can recommend 2 very good places to go . .

  94. Bridgette Says:

    I have a Kimberley Yellow Diamond that is 1/2 a carat and has been valued at $6500 by H J Haddys, I am wanting to sell this diamond do you have any suggestions I am in Perth… Thank you

  95. Nikhil Says:

    Try Smith and Sinclair on Murray St.

  96. Jasmine Says:

    Unfortunately I have lost certificates for an engagement ring & other jewelley.
    What is the best way to get an appraisal / certificate that will benefit for selling?
    can you recommend anyone from Perth?
    Thank you,

  97. Nikhil Says:

    Hi Jasmine
    Please call HJ Haddy & Associates on 9315 5521 to organise a valuation.

  98. Aysha Says:

    Hi there,
    What would you suggest with my case?
    I have broken off an engagement but am left with a 1.9 carat diamond ring purchased from America for $15,000 as my fiance was from there, with no certificate (he kept that). I live in Perth, WA
    Thank you

  99. Nikhil Says:

    Hi Aysha
    Try HJ Haddy and Associates for an appraisal on the ring.

  100. Natalie Says:

    Hi Nikhil,
    I have an 18 ct white gold engagement ring with a princess cut diamond, with a valuation certificate from Catanach’s in Armadale.
    The valuation is for $3.375.00
    Weight 0.55 ct
    Colour I
    Clarity Si2
    It was bought from the ADC.
    Can you please reccommend the best way for me to sell this?
    Thank you so much.

  101. Nikhil Says:

    Hi Natalie
    The best starting point would be to ask ADC to either buy it back or sell it on consignment for you. Other than that, there are some good recommendations in the above comments.

  102. Marie Neill Says:

    Have a round brilliant diamond bought approx 30 yrs ago in San Fransisco for my engagement. 1.33 ct set in 14ct gold band. 6 claw setting. Colour G ; Clarity S12; Finger Size N.
    Recently valued at AU$22.5. Where can I possibly have this consigned? Thx. Cheers Marie

  103. Sarah Dibdin Says:

    Hi, I have a 3 stone white gold 1.71 carat engagement ring that I’d like to sell.
    It was bought last year in London from Browns Jewellers. I have a UK valuation certificate and all the documentation to go with it regarding, cut, clarity etc.
    Do you have a recommendation for a place to sell it in Sydney? Also, do you think I need an Australian valuation?
    Thanks so much,

  104. Nikhil Says:

    Hi Sarah
    An Australian valuation may help, but most commercial buyers will be interested in the three diamonds and the scrap value of the gold.

  105. Sally Says:

    Hi, I would appreciate some assistance in referring someone in NSW that purchase diamonds and the remaining 18ct yellow and white gold of a ring
    The Diamond GIA certified.
    Square modified
    Brilliant 5.81×5.75×3.83mm
    1.02 carat
    G Grade
    SI1 Clarity
    Very Good polish
    Symmetry Very Good
    Fluorescence Faint
    No clouds shown
    The ring had also multiple smaller Baguette and princess cut diamonds all very slightly included
    Total diamond weights 2.10ct

  106. Nikhil Says:

    Hi Sally
    Try DCLA Diamond Exchange (https://wwww.dcladiamondexchange.com.au/).

  107. Bron357 Says:

    Hi all, what no one has mentioned is that a valuation (from anyone) isn’t what you can expect to receive if you sold it. Far from it in fact. Usually around 40% of valuation is considered reasonable. There is also little value in any diamond less than 1 carat/ VVS and H colour. Small sizes, lower colours and lower clarity have a vast impact upon second hand value. The only people buying smallish, lower quality diamonds are “the general public” and they are only prepared to go into the fancy jewellery store where they feel “safe” to buy new and shiny in the pretty box .There is virtually no market for a store bought second hand engagement ring. I really feel for so many of the people who have commented here, they have paid a vastly over inflated price for a ring with a valuation that makes them think that’s what it’s worth, when it’s not. It’s worth only what someone will pay you and that may well be 1/4 of what you paid. The other option for selling is an auction house. Many have specialist jewellery auctions. They charge around 20% seller commission but you may well get a better price than what a second hand dealer will offer you.

  108. Kelly Says:

    I want to sell my engagement ring. It has 3 diamonds but only one has a certificate from GIA.
    Carat weight: 0.40
    Colour grade: E
    Clarity Grade: VS2
    It was purchased from Charles Rose in Melbourne in 2010 but I live in Canberra. Do you have any suggestions for where I could take my ring in Canberra?

  109. Anna Says:

    I have a diamond that has fallen out of the claws, but either way it is a princess cut 1.01 carat D VS1.
    The platinum band is set with four 0.05pt FG VS diamonds.
    All total weight of 1.912ct.
    I’m in Melbourne and was wondering where I could sell it?

  110. Nikhil Says:

    Hi Anna
    Try Klepner’s at 324 Little Collins St – they may be able to help you.

  111. Lance Says:

    Where to sell diamond ring in Sydney
    No cer. VS1/G 1carat

  112. Debbie S. Says:

    I have a Circa 1935 round Brilliant cut diamond in white gold 8 claw setting on a pointed up-swept shoulder flat 3.4 – 2.6mm 18ct yellow gold band.
    Diamond is 7.5 x 4.4mm = 1.51 cts. GSI2
    I inherited this ring from my mother and unfortunately I have no use for it. I have a valuation from Symmetry on the Gold Coast for insurance purposes. I live on the Gold Coast and would like advice on the best manner of selling it, either as a complete ring or diamond stone only. Thank you.

  113. littlestar Says:

    Has anyone tried or can recommend Divorce Your Jewellery for selling second-hand diamonds?

  114. Chris Says:

    I found that Sydney Diamond Buyers was good and gave me a great price when I sold an old diamond engagement ring. very happy

  115. Megan Says:

    I have a handmade 18ct yellow gold diamond ring. With a valuation of $8,850.
    I sent it to Melbourne to possibly sell gold exchange. And got offered $800.
    I was shocked an of course didnt except it. As its worth more and I am selling it to help my mum who has terminal bile duct cancer.
    so I am searching for somewhere online or in brisbane that may offer more. I would appreciate any suggestions . My mums life expectancy isn’t long so I need to sell it asap.
    Kind regards Megan

  116. Nikhil Says:

    Hi Megan
    Have you tried any suggestions listed previously in the comments?

  117. Reece Says:

    I have a loose diamond I think it’s nearly 2CT but I do not have certs,is there anywhere in Perth that will buy it without ripping me off

  118. Nikhil Says:

    Hi Reece
    It would be difficult to sell without any certification.

  119. John Yates Says:

    Hi, I live in Adelaide and have a Princess cut Argyle pink diamond 0.475 ct, (natural pink 6P), VSI, cut and proportions very good and has a GIA certificate. I’m needing to have it sold within a month.
    Thanks, and greatly appreciate any assistance. john

  120. Nikhil Says:

    Hi John
    Have you tried selling it privately or to a jeweller with a secondhand dealer’s licence?

  121. Annette Says:

    Where can I post photos of stolen ring please?

  122. Sarah Says:

    Hi there,
    Do you have any recommendations in the Gold Coast area?
    Many thanks.

  123. Nikhil Says:

    Hi Sarah
    Unfortunately I don’t – but you may want to investigate online options.

  124. Nadine Says:

    I have a 1.52 Carat triple excellence. Where in Melbourne or Sydney can i sell to gt the best price? ive called a place and they offered me 10k ! which is ridiclous considering i only just paid 21,500 2 months ago!? is this possible

  125. Nikhil Says:

    Hi Nadine
    Yes, it is certainly possible, as a secondhand dealer wont pay retail, and most likely not even wholesale. You may want to read through the comments for recommendations on places to sell.

  126. Bea Adams Says:

    Your website was very helpful. Thank you.

  127. Jess Says:

    Hi, I have a 1.15 oval engagement ring. Any suggestions on where I could sell it in Canberra? Thank you

  128. Nikhil Says:

    Hi Jess
    I’m not sure, but there are online services such as DCLA Diamond Exchange.

  129. Tammy Says:

    Hi Nikhil,I have a yellow gold ring inherited from a family member, set with a 2.5 cr diamond, is there anywhere in Perth that you could recommend to sell it at a fair price
    Thank you

  130. Nikhil Says:

    Hi Tammy
    Try Smith and Sinclair or Subiaco Antiques.

  131. Gillian Says:

    I would like to sell my 1x 18K white gold Diamond Ring, emerald cut 1x.86ct FVS2 GiA, Where in Canberra do i go to sell it, please?I would ideally like to get away from the sadness this ring represents to me, but it could make someone else very happy…

  132. Nikhil Says:

    Hi Gillian
    Try DCLA Diamond Exchange.

  133. Jac Says:

    I have an engagement ring that was made by an exceptional jeweller in 2009, this ring was made similar to the Tiffany Legacy engagement ring. The main stone is GIA certified 1.22 carats VVS-2 E in colour. There are 40 surrounding diamonds approx weight 0.32 carats. The ring is platinum and has a current valuation from an accredited valuer. Insurance replacement value of $25,761. Where do you recommend is the best place for me to sell the ring? I live in QLD. Thank you.

  134. Nikhil Says:

    Hi Jac
    You may want to go through all the places mentioned in the comments of this post to get the best price for your ring.

  135. Melissa Says:

    Hello I have a Tiffany plantinum engagement ring and wedding band both with diamonds in the band and a round brilliant .8 stone.
    Where can I sell this in Melbourne?

  136. Penny Says:

    Hi, I live in Darwin,so there are not many options for selling jewellery, except online. Can anyone confirm a good online engagement ring buyer? And does anyone know if Divorce Your Jewellery is reputable?
    Thank you very much,

  137. Nikhil Says:

    Hi Penny
    Try DCLA Diamond Exchange.

  138. Amy Says:

    I broke off engagement ring was only $1500 I want to sell it. He said the stone is one carrart I think. He never asked for it back.

  139. Paula Says:

    I would like to look at selling diamond studs they were only worn once and I have GIA certificates for each of them. One is 0.72 carat Colour grade D, clarity grade VS2 cut excellent and the other 0.73 carat Colour grade E , clarity grade VS2 cut grade very good not sure where to start

  140. Nikhil Says:

    Hi Paula
    You might want to look browse through the comments section of this post for some excellent recommendations for secondhand dealers.

  141. Gigi Says:

    Hi I have a brand new engagement ring never worn that I need to sell can you please help me?

  142. Nikhil Says:

    Hi Gigi
    You might want to look browse through the comments section of this post for some excellent recommendations for secondhand dealers.

  143. Hemang Says:

    I want to sell diamonds polished in perth. I called one of the store in perth which you recommended in perth. But they dont buy loose diamonds. Please guide me through this

  144. Nikhil Says:

    Hi Hemang
    You might want to try www.dcladiamondexchange.com.au

  145. Lynette Says:

    Hi, I want to sell my diamond engagement ring .55 carat with 24 carat gold band, and with 2 small diamonds on each side of the diamond stone and gold band. I do not have certificate of the ring.
    Where in Sydney could I sell it that will offer good price? Thanks.

  146. Nikhil Says:

    Hi Lynette
    Try DCLA Diamond Exchange.

  147. Sherrilee Fish Says:

    Hi, any places in Tasmania that would buy diamind rings?

  148. Nikhil Says:

    Hi Sherrilee

    I have no idea, but you should try local jewellers to see if they buy secondhand goods or know someone who does.

  149. Maria Says:


    Is there anywhere in Canberra that I can sell my diamond engagement ring. I have a GIA report with it as it was purchased in the US. The ring is 0.51 carat, colour grade F, clarity SI1, cut grade is excellent. The ring itself is 14 carat white gold.

  150. Nikhil Says:

    Hi Maria

    I don’t know anyone in Canberra, but you might want to try someone online like DCLA Diamond Exchange.

  151. Mardi Sparrow Says:

    Hi – Can you please recommend somewhere in Adelaide to value and sell my diamond ring? Thanks

  152. Nikhil Says:

    Hi Mardi

    Unfortunately I can’t recommend anyone in Adelaide.

  153. Renee Says:

    I bought a diamond from you 12 years ago and would love to sell it – would you purchase the stones that you sold?

  154. Nikhil Says:

    Hi Renee – yes we would do buy back diamonds and jewellery we sell given you have retained the original grading certificate.

  155. Fee Says:


    I think my husband may have got the diamond from you. Would it be possible you purchase the stone back? I still have the GIA certificate and the diamond details are round shape, D colour, 1.01 carats, VS1 clarity (or it maybe VS2 clarity), Triple excellent cut, no fluorescence & Hearts and arrows mentioned on the GIA certificate.

    Even if he didnt get it from you, would this be a stone you would purchase?

  156. Nikhil Says:


    Legally we can only purchase diamonds bought from us with full documentation.

  157. Bree Says:

    I’m in Melbourne and have tried Klepner’s but they only do antique rings, do you know of anyone else that would be interested in my ring?
    One hand finished platinum diamond ring stamped 950, with one square cushion cut diamond in 4 claw and bar, set with 12 brilliant cut diamonds. Shoulder claw set with total 16 brilliant cut diamonds. Ring has 2mm half round shank. Weight 4.665grms.
    diamond – 7.1mm square x 5.1mm = 2.09ct actual weight colour F, Clarity SI1
    12=0.85ct, 16=0.315ct actual weighs colour F clarity SI.

  158. Nikhil Says:

    Hi Bree,

    Try DCLA Diamond Exchange.

  159. Evan Jackson Says:

    Selling a diamond ring is not an easy task. As it costs too much. So to sell them to the perfect customer is a very difficult task. I think this is an informative post and it is very useful and knowledgeable. I really enjoyed reading this post. Big fan, thanks for this types of information. If you want to know more about us, visit https://www.14karatomaha.com/.

  160. Meg T Says:

    Hi Nikhail, I have an engagement ring I’m looking to sell, with an ideal cut 1.01 ct diamond – G, SI2, ideal grade, Excellent polish and symmetry and a GSI certificate set in platinum. I also have a yellow sapphire and diamond ring, an 8ct emerald and a pink sapphire, both lose stones. Any suggestion for a Canberra (preferred) or Sydney based seller I could speak to? Thanks.

  161. Nikhil Says:

    Hi Meg

    Try DCLA Diamond Exchange.

  162. Daniel Says:

    Hi there,

    I have a 3 diamond engagement ring to be sold, set in gold.

    I am seeing 5 diamond dealers and jewellery dealers next week to sell these.

    I also have an ‘as new’ Cartier Love Bracelet in Rose Gold with 4 diamonds , mens size 19.
    I have all the papers, docs, original box and a travel box I bought for extra. Oh an official Cartier valuation of $19,300

    Thanks so much,


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