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Lab Grown Diamonds

Code Shape CT COL CLA Price More Info
LG1001Round0.81ctDVVS2$1527 (inc GST)Details...
LG1004Round1.56ctDVVS2$5970 (inc GST)Details...
LG1003Round2.22ctEVVS2$10039 (inc GST)Details...

Above are a list of lab grown diamonds that we currently have in stock. Please click on the "Details" link to view the certificate, Ideal-Scope image, cut report, photograph and video of each diamond.

We have access to many more lab grown diamonds in all shapes and sizes, both IGI and GIA certified. If you would like to know more, please email us or send us a message on WhatsApp.

A pricing guide for all other shapes other than round is below:

  • 1ct D/VVS2 - $2000 inc GST
  • 1.50ct D/VVS2 - $4400 inc GST
  • 2.00ct D/VVS2 - $7700 inc GST