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How To Post and Edit Entries

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Whilst posting and editing can be done fairly simply by just typing in text, more advanced users are able to enrich their entries by adding HTML and "Wiki Links".

Before You Edit or Create a New Entry

Before you create a new entry or edit an existing one, make sure you have read the Quality Guidelines. If creating a new entry, make sure someone else hasn't written about it.


Titles can contain letters, numbers, spaces, brackets and dashes. All other characters will be stripped out of the title.


Whilst overquoting is discouraged, quoted text can be turned into orange, italic text by enclosing it in a square brackets followed by quotation marks.

For example, [ " This is a quote " ] (without the spaces between the brackets and quotation marks) becomes:

This is a quote

HTML Markup

In order to allow rich posts, whilst trying to maintain proper formatting, a limited abount of HTML is allowed. These tags are:

  • <a>

  • <center>

  • <b>

  • <strong>

  • <i>

  • <em>

  • <img>

  • <ul>

  • <li>

  • <h[1-6]>

All other tags will be removed.

Wiki Links

When you want to link to another entry, you can simply put the tag within 2 square brackets and a link will automatically be created.

The tag of an entry is the part immediately after the http://www.diamondsandopals.com/diamond_education/ part of the URL. For example, the tag of this entry is how_to_post_and_edit_entries.

If you want to specify your own link text, you can put a | (vertical bar) after the tag, followed by your text.

For example:

[ [ how_to_post_and_edit_entries ] ] without the spaces between brackets becomes how_to_post_and_edit_entries

[ [ how_to_post_and_edit_entries|Guide To Creating Posts ] ] without the spaces between brackets becomes [[how_to_post_and_edit_entries|Guide To C