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Bow Tie Effect

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The bow tie effect refers to dark regions found on some diamonds in the shape of a bow tie.

The bow tie effect only affects marquise, oval, pear and sometimes heart shaped diamonds and runs along the width of the diamond in the centre of the diamond.

Bow Tie Effect and Proportions

Whilst even a small bow tie effect is rarely avoidable, a better proportioned diamond will give less of a bow tie effect than a poorly proportioned one. Listed below are links to proportions that minimise the bow tie effect:

MarquiseExternal Link
PearExternal Link
OvalExternal Link
HeartExternal Link

Diamonds With No Bow Tie Effect

United DiamondsExternal Link explains:

Gemologist and diamond cutters agree that a small bow tie is considered part of the beauty of this unique and beautiful diamond shape. Many people make the mistake of attempting to select a diamond which displays no bow tie. This type diamond will typically have a vary deep pavilion which gives the diamond a slightly darker appearance within the entire table facet . This diamond will also be small in size compared to better proportioned diamonds of equal carat weight.

Diamond Grading Certificates and The Bow Tie Effect

Grading certificates will not comment on any bow tie effect. Therefore, it is beneficial to either view the diamond in person, or at least a photo before purchasing it.