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Upgrade Policies

We offer the ability to upgrade as standard with every Crossfire and Signature Series diamond sold. That means that if you buy one of our Crossfire or Signature Series diamonds now, you can upgrade in the future and we'll apply what you paid as a credit toward a new diamond of a higher value. We also offer the ability to upgrade or change any of our engagement rings. Essentially, we'll credit the amount you paid for the ring, minus the labour and setting costs toward any new setting.

Diamond Upgrades

Any Crossfire or Signature Series diamond can be upgraded to any another Crossfire or Signature Series diamond, so long as the new diamond is more expensive than the old diamond. There is no time limit on this and this can be done as many times as you want. The old diamond must be in an undamaged condition to qualify for the upgrade.

In most cases, a new setting will have to be made. Depending on the ring, this may cost from $200 upwards.

Upgrades can not be done with or from our International Selection diamonds.

Engagement Ring Upgrades or Changes

If you decide that you wish to re-model your engagement ring that was bought from us, we offer a simple upgrade policy that saves you money.

Any ring can be upgraded or changed and the amount of credit that is applied will be the original purchase price minus labour costs.

If you wish to upgrade your setting, please phone us for more details of this offer.