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Quality Guidelines

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Below are guidelines that you should follow when creating or editing an entry.

Language and Quality English

Except when quoting someone, entries should not contain any swearing. In addition, entries must be well written, have proper spelling and punctutation.

Stating The Facts

Because this is not a forum or blog, opinions or unsubstantiated facts are not allowed. Therefore, entries should contain only undisputeable facts along with referenced assertions.

For example:

Stating "The AGS is better than the GIA" is not an undisputeable fact or is it referenced.

However, stating "Many members of the DiamondTalk forums think that the AGS is better than the GIA" would be allowed as it is an assertion with a reference and hyperlink to the DiamondTalk forums.


Entries should adhere to one of the four categories, and should be relevant to either Australian consumers or the industry.

For example, writing about a diamond cutter in India would be irrelevant. However, writing about a diamond cutter in Australia would be relevant.

Promotional Language and Advertising

Whilst commercial organisations, jewellers and merchants are free to create an entry about their organisation, promotional language and advertising outside these entries is not allowed.

In addition, entries in the "Organisations" section should refrain from using superlatives.

Level of Detail

When writing an entry, as much relevant information should be included as possible. Especially when writing about a controversial topic, "for and against" arguments should be presented.

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