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Australia's Oldest Internet Diamond Merchant


With our roots going back 30 years as jewellery manufacturers, designers and exporters, Jogia Diamonds International (previously VY Jogia Diamonds) was established in 1996 and incorporated in 1998 to take advantage of selling diamonds over the internet.

Back in 1996, the web was still in its infancy (especially in Australia) and the online diamond market was a fraction of its size today. However, this reduced competition also allowed us to compete on an international level.

Today, with the internet being fairly ubiquitous in Australia and New Zealand, combined with larger overseas competition, our focus is now entirely on servicing the needs of clients from Australia and New Zealand.

In 2007, control of the company was handed to the younger generation in the Jogia family. This has allowed us to grow and innovate even further both online and offline.

What and How We Sell

Jogia Diamonds predominantly sells GIA and AGS certified diamonds with top light performance, meaning the diamonds we sell shine and sparkle no matter where you take them.

Rather than just sell what a certificate and cut grade says, we choose to objectively analyse each diamond to ensure each client receives complete disclosure using the best diamond analytical tools available today.

We use the following tools to assess each diamond's quality, which allows even the most distant customers to "view" the diamond before purchase:

  • Trinocular Microscope
  • Sarin DC-3000 Colorimeter
  • OGI Megascope Proportion Analyser
  • AGS Performance Grading Software
  • OGI Firetrace Software
  • Diamond Calculator V3

To complement our diamonds we also offer a jewellery design and manufacture service, allowing our clients to buy the very best diamond, along with the perfect setting.


We like to think of ourselves as the most innovative jewellers in Australia. It's not uncommon for clients come back a mere six months after purchase and comment on the changes we've made since they last bought from us.

Some of our past innovations include:

  • The first diamond website in Australia to have thousands of GIA certificates downloadable at a click of a mouse
  • The first and only diamond website in Australia to feature detailed diamond analysis including proportion analysis, microscopic photos, videos and AGS ASET images.
  • The first and only website in Australia to give multiple views and videos of every diamond engagement ring.
  • Launching our Crossfire brand of diamonds, complete with our unique triple-guarantee and exclusive packaging
  • The only diamond website to offer interest free financing.

Core Values

  • If a diamond is given a grade using the GIA scale (eg D/SI1, F/VS2 and so on), it must be GIA certified.
  • Cut, carat weight and colour are the most important aspects of a diamond. Clarity is the least important, so long as the diamond is eye clean and the inclusions don't affect the beauty of the stone.
  • Disclosure is important. If a diamond is overseas, we will fully disclose this fact. In addition to this, we will use the very best tools available to objectively analyse every aspect of a diamond.
  • We will reciprocate. If you are friendly to us, we will be friendly to you. If you are mean and nasty to us, we will be mean and nasty to you.
  • Even if it means losing a sale, we will always tell you the truth, based on our experience and judgement.
  • We will always try our best to serve our customers.
  • We believe in being 100% open. That means publishing prices on our website, putting ring designs to make it easy for other jewellers to copy, objectively analysing each diamond and putting photos of management and staff on our website.

Our Ideal Client

  • Understands the value of a well cut, GIA certified diamond.
  • Is willing to learn more about us, the products we sell and the tools we use.
  • Is understanding of the barriers faced when dealing with diamonds and diamond jewellery online and acknowledges that we have done our best to overcome these.
  • Wants to buy a beautiful diamond at a great price, not just the cheapest diamond that looks good on paper, or is said to be beautiful by a salesperson.

Sound Management

Most jewellers and diamond merchants furnish large retail or stock overheads. These overheads usually consist of extra staff, rent or costs associated with sitting on a large amount of stock.

However, we operate on a limited amount of staff, meaning we have to be as efficient as possible as well as develop scalable solutions to meet customer service goals.

Combining the Best of Both Worlds

Although we're based in Perth, we can send our Crossfire diamonds to agents around Australia. This allows clients to view and compare diamonds before purchase, whilst still keeping costs down.

Unlike some merchants who are simply drop-shippers, we carry our own diamond stock, as well as offering the very best diamonds from wholesalers around the world at Australia's best prices. This method allows us to cater for both the traditional, along with the more savvy diamond buyer.