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Jewellery Valuations

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A jewellery valuation assesses the quality of each component of a piece of jewellery or loose stone in order to derive a value for a specific purpose.

Purposes of Valuation

Because the circumstances in which one may have a piece of jewellery valued differ, there are various types of valuations such as:

  • Retail - Usually used to obtain an insurance value.

  • Auction Reserve

  • Non Forced Sale

  • Forced Sale - For example bankruptcy or liquidation.

  • Second Hand

  • Private Sale

  • Divorce Settlement

  • Deceased Estate

When calculating the final value, the purpose is taken into account, and therefore, the final value for each purpose will differ greatly.

Benefits of Valuation

Apart from receiving a dollar value on the item, a jewellery valuation will also provide proof of ownership, an accurate photograph and/or description should the piece be lost as well as an assessment as to the quality of the piece.

Tools Used

Whilst different valuers use different tools, SpectraExternal Link lists a number of tools they use to perform jewellery valuations.

Jewellery Valuations vs Diamond Grading Certificates

A jewellery valuation is often limited to the skill, knowledge and training of the valuer. This is due to the fact that valuers typically use a limited set of tools to appraise and value a diamond or piece of jewellery. On the other hand, a diamond grading certificate describes the characteristics of a diamond using sophisticated gemmological equipment. As such, a diamond grading certificate can be used to assist the valuer with a valuation and to arrive at a more accurate final value.

Where to Get Jewellery Valued

In Australia, The National Council of Jewellery Valuers has over 550 members.

External Links

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