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Square Hearts and Arrows – More Information

In May, we wrote about the square hearts and arrows cut that we are now stocking. Since then, we’ve showed it to numerous people (funnily enough, mostly in the trade) who have all been amazed at the brilliance and sparkle of the Square Hearts and Arrows cut.

Now that we’re going to stock more Square H&As, it’s a good time to answer a few questions we’ve been getting.

1. Are they brighter than princess cuts and other cushions?

Yes! Compare the following ASET images – first is a normal cushion, second is an AGS 0 princess and last is a square H&A.

Cushion ASET   AGS 0 Princess ASET

Square H&A ASET

As you can see, the Square H&A has a significant amount more red (intense light), as well as a visually pleasing arrows contrast pattern to boot. This makes them a lot brighter than any other fancy shape on the market today.

2. What is the pricing like?

Prices are about 25% more than a well cut, GIA certified princess, about 15% more than an AGS 0 princess and up to 35% more than a regular cushion. Therefore, Square H&As are more suited to those wanting quality, unique stone, rather than those shopping on price alone.

3. Are they just like the diamond from the Tiffany Novo?

Yes, they are very similar. We will even be releasing a hand-finished Novo replica ring soon to complement this cut.

4. What is the availability?

The availability is very limited, with extremely limited availability in the VS2-SI2 range. Therefore, those wanting a specific colour/clarity combination, or those wanting colour/clarity over beauty will most likely be disappointed

5. Are they available online?

Yes, we list them on our website, complete with photos, cut analysis and videos. However, in my opinion, they lend themselves to be sold in our showroom, as people can actually see, and be amazed by their brilliance. Plus, they aren’t “cheap” diamonds.

6. Will we be stocking normal cushions?

No, we’ve made the decision to stock Square H&A’s, instead of the much cheaper cushion cut. We are however, looking into stocking another ideal cut, branded cushion cut.

7. Are they Crossfire branded?

Yes, complete with all the Crossfire features and benefits.

8. Are they really cushion cuts?

Yes – the GIA cert states “Cushion Brilliant”, although cushions are slightly more rounded. However, it has become evident that one Sydney wholesaler was so blinded by the brilliance of this cut that he didn’t believe it was a cushion.

9. What is the spread like compared to other cushions and princesses?

They are pretty much on par with other square cuts, but I would say they are slightly larger than an average princess cut, and slightly smaller than an average cushion cut. They also have extremely thick girdles, which are needed to create a hearts and arrows pattern.

10. Is Square H&A you favourite cut?

Yes, by far. They are very impressive, and I think those who buy them will love them too.

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