Jewellery Manufacturing Methods

Jogia Diamonds uses both traditional methods (handmade) and modern casting methods (handcrafted) to manufacture jewellery. All jewellery is manufactured in our in-house workshop, spread across two levels of our premises.

Walkthrough of Our Workshop

Handmade and Handcrafted

We offer our customers two choices when manufacturing engagement rings:

  • Handmade - The metal is rolled, shaped and cut to make an engagement ring. This is more labour intensive and expensive, but produces a heavier, and generally more durable piece.
  • Handcrafted - The ring is cast from a mould and the piece cleaned up and the pieces joined, set and polished by hand. This is cheaper, less labourious and thus handcrafted rings take less time to manufacture.

Alloys Used

We use the highest quality alloys, meaning our platinum and white gold rings are whiter, brighter and more durable than most others. Our alloys are as follows:

  • 18kt White Gold: 75% gold, 14% palladium. No nickel is used.
  • Platinum: 95% platinum with Ruthenium. No copper is added.

Quality Assurance

Each piece we manufacture is subjected to strict quality assurance procedures, in order to ensure the best finished product. Due to the fact that some faults may necessitate re-manufacturing all or part of the ring, we recommend that you allow plenty of time for manufacture to ensure the best quality product.

Comfort Fit

All engagement and wedding rings made by us feature a comfort fit, meaning the ring is slightly rounded on the inside. This results in a far superior fit and comfort level over standard rings that are flat on the inside.

Comfort Fit