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The Effect Of Cut On The Price Of A Diamond

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Most in the diamond industry tend to agree that cut is the most important of the 4Cs, and accounts for much of a diamond's value. This is backed up by the fact that both jewellery underwritersExternal Link agree that the cut (or make) of a diamond accounts for up to 50% of its value.

This therefore makes diamonds with higher colour and clarity grades, along with a good cut, very rare and expensive.

Because of cut's effect on the overall beauty and price of a diamond, there is growing sentiment amongst online merchants to lead consumers toward sacrificing carat weight, colour and clarity when operating within a specific budget.

In addition, because of the rarity of "ideal cut" diamonds, many merchants have gone one step further and branded well cut diamonds or those that display hearts and arrows.

Some brands of diamonds seen in Australia are "Passion8", "Eternity" and "Ice on Fire".

Whilst these diamonds will be very well cut, it is important for the consumer to remember that the properties (such as heart and arrows) of these diamonds can be reproduced by a non-branded diamond. A consumer may even be paying a premium for a branded diamond.