Jewellers Association Of Australia (JAA)

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From their websiteExternal Link:

The Jewellers Association of Australia was established early last century (1931) to represent and protect the interests of the jewellery industry and jewellery consumers.

It is a national association with membership representing over 2000 outlets, covering all areas of the jewellery industry from retailing to manufacturing.


Whilst membership, does have some strict requirements, as all members must abide by The JAA Code Of Ethics, and attracts a fee, in return jewellers receive additional benefitsExternal Link such as reduced rates for insurance and merchant facilities.

Benefits for Consumers

The JAA provides a number of services for consumers such as:


The main events that the JAA holds are The Australian Jewellery Design Awards and The JAA Australian Jewellery Trade Fair.

More information regarding these and other events can be found hereExternal Link

Monthly Magazine

The JAA publishes a monthly trade magazine, Australian Jeweller. According to the descriptionExternal Link:

Australian Jeweller informs jewellers about the latest trends, both here and overseas. But more than that, it showcases talent, highlights innovation, and educates jewellers about running a better business.