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Gemex was a Sydney based company whose primary activities included:

  • Jewellery Valuations

  • Wholesale Diamond Trading Website

  • Escrow Services

  • Rough Diamond Evaluation

  • Consumer Education via a Blog

  • Production of The Australian Diamond Report

Online Jewellery Valuations

In 2006, Gemex introduced online jewellery valuations for both retailers and consumers.

This unique system, the first of its kind in Australia allowed retailers and consumers to efficiently and easily produce a jewellery valuation for insurance purposes.

However, it should be noted that online jewellery valuations are limited due to the fact that the valuer never sees the piece of jewellery being valued.

Trade Services

For a fee, retailers and merchants could subscribe to Gemex, allowing them to list their own diamonds for sale and search diamonds from wholesalers. It also allowed them access to The Australian Diamond Report.


In June 2007, Gemex was supposedly bought my an unknown, international diamond firm. Shortly after, it started selling loose diamonds directly to the public. However, in early 2008, it ceased trading.