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Your Options For Buying A Diamond Engagement Ring

When buying a diamond engagement ring, consumers are faced with three main options.

  1. Buy a ring that has already been set and ready to go.
    • This is the most popular option and represents a more traditional approach.
    • It’s very easy – once you walk out the store or order online, it’s ready to go.
    • Not a huge amount of technical focus is put on the centre diamond, which is the most important part, and therefore, quality may vary.
    • Certification and laser inscription may not be an option.
    • You may not be able to pick and choose your diamond with your desired design.
  2. Buy a loose diamond from a diamond merchant or jeweller and let them set it.
    • The focus is put on the diamond, and you can usually benefit from their expertise as well as analysis.
    • You are able to mix and match your centre diamond with any design.
    • Probably a lot cheaper.
    • The ring will usually have to be set on demand, and therefore you may have to wait a few days before seeing the finished product, although drawings and mock-ups may be available.
  3. Buy a loose diamond from a diamond merchant, and take it to another jeweller to have it set.
    • You’re able to take advantage of the high quality, certified diamonds commonly found online, whilst you’re still able to deal and support your local jeweller.
    • A more personal, and perhaps easier experience when dealing with your local jeweller.
    • However, a lot of trust is needed between your and your jeweller.

When buying from Jogia Diamonds, consumers can either buy a loose diamond, or a loose diamond set in an engagement ring (options 2 and 3).

We don’t sell preset rings, however, we do have designs available on the websites, and we can also design a ring for you, complete with drawings and possibly mock-ups. Alternatively, you can give us a design from a magazine or catalogue, which we can easily replicate.

All our rings are handmade – not mass produced, as we believe a quality diamond should be set in a quality, handmade ring.

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