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Will It Blend? Diamond Engagement Ring.

Although they may rate 10 (the hardest) on the Moh’s scale, it doesn’t mean that diamonds won’t break.

In fact, online diamond merchant Abazias put diamond’s strength to the test, and put an engagement ring into a now world famous, Blendtec blender. In the past, the YouTube hit Will It Blend? put everyday objects, everything from rakes to iPhones into a Blendtec blender, however whilst they did put cubic zirconias into the blender, they didn’t put diamond in due to cost restraints.

In case you’re wondering, a low grade half carater would only cost a couple of hundred dollars, so it wouldn’t have cost too much.

This video essentially debunks the myth that diamonds are unbreakable. Diamonds are most at risk when exposed to hard knocks, such as during the setting process or playing sports. It is important to realise that although there chemical composition makes them hard, they are actually very brittle.

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