Site Improvements

Our the past few days, we’ve made small changes to our site.

Firstly, some International Selection diamonds now have their GIA or AGS certificate downloadable straight from our site.

Secondly, we have changed the way we take Ideal-Scope and ASET pictures (this will be blogged about in the next couple of days). After experimenting with different lighting setups, we settled on a method which is very simple (for us at least) and allows us to take Ideal-Scope and ASET images accurately and quickly. The effect of this is that the images now look more symmetrical (you can now see a very distinct arrows pattern on our Crossfire diamonds without any extra shadows), but aren’t as intense around the table as before. This makes sense as the light return always less around the table, thus the new method is more accurate.

Lastly, our engagement ring section is still under construction. We’ve ordered digital imaging equipment for jewellery, ie: a light box which should arrive next week. Once completed, we hope to have pictures from multiple angles, customer action shots and videos of our engagement rings – all coupled with our ring builder to give customers a rich experience when buying both a setting and a diamond from us.

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