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Our New Jewellery Workshop

Over the past few months, we’ve been working on building a new jewellery workshop. This past week, we finally finished it, so I guess it’s time for photos.

Workshop Entrance

The workshop looking from the entrance.

Workshop Bench

The main bench. Made with solid Jarrah by Workbench World. This bench required four people to get inside.

Workshop Bench 2

Another picture of the bench.

Workshop General Purpose Bench

This is the bench that I made myself from a 60mm deep unfinished Jarrah slab. Like the main bench, it’s extremely heavy, but perfect for drawing wires and hammering.

Rolling Mill

This is the rolling mill, used to roll metal for rings. Again, we’ve used solid Jarrah for the base.

Polishing Machine

 This is the polishing machine and dust extractor, in the corner, as it is always dirty.


This appeared on the bench today, which I found fascinating. Maurice (our jeweller) must have brought it, because it certainly isn’t mine.

Workshop Table

Our “office” and waiting area. We can resize and polish whilst customers wait.


Jewellery manufacturing sustenance?

4 Responses to “Our New Jewellery Workshop”

  1. Anne Shane Says:

    What a nice post. Maybe, many of us interested in this workshop.

  2. sab Says:

    Nice tidy workshop.
    Where do you do all your melting and pouring your ingots?
    This looks decidedly like a finishing workshop for cast pieces, not a manufacturing from scratch goldsmith-workshop. One finishing bench and one wax-bench? Or do you really manufacture from somewhere else?
    Just wondering?

  3. Nikhil Says:

    Hi Sab
    We don’t cast our jewellery – all our jewellery is handmade from scratch – ie: metal rolled, shaped and then soldered.
    We moved out of this premises at the beginning of the year to a bigger location, with proper facilities for melting, alloying and pouring ingots.

  4. Martin @ Shop 4 Rings Says:

    Everything looks as if it’s in easy reach – that’s the thing I look for in a working place. So much time can easily be wasted in a day just by unnecessary walking between machinery. If I want to go for a walk I’ll go to the park!
    Anyway, nice workshop.

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