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Online Shopping Now Available!

One of the most requested features that we encounter is for an online payment page where people can simply order diamonds, diamond engagement rings and diamond earrings online without the need to phone us.

With Christmas getting closer and both our customers and us getting busier, now was the perfect time to implement an online ordering system.

With our ordering system, you can order anything that we have in stock – that is Crossfire & Signature Series diamonds, rings and earrings, as well as our new ultrasonic cleaners. Because of the nature of our International Selection however, we still require International Selection diamonds to be ordered over the phone.

We did implement such a system about two years ago, however, back then it was fairly clunky and our “new site” (which is now old) was in its infancy.

Now however, we have one of the largest range of GIA and AGS ideal cut diamonds in Australia, all with photos, videos and cut analysis available online. This allows our customers to skip the trouble and sales jargon associated with a brick and mortar store and buy from us with quality, price and convenience unsurpassed by any other jewellery retailer in Australia.

The order form is very simple, as it is not a shopping cart system. It is simply one page that lists the product being purchased, and a form that allows you to enter your details, address and payment information.

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