New Site, New Brand

You may have noticed something different about our site……

And if you did, you’d be correct in assuming we have relaunched our site, along with a new brand of diamonds – Crossfire.

Crossfire Logo

Because of the strict proportion tolerances, all Crossfire diamonds achieve the perfect balance of fire and brilliance – hence the name “Crossfire”.
All Crossfire diamonds come with the following “features”:

  • Downloadable photos, videos and cut analysis.
  • Free verification and laser inscription.
  • An AGS or GIA certificate.
  • 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee.
  • The best priced, ideal cut diamond in Australia.
  • Exclusive Crossfire packaging, featuring you diamond your diamond in box, surrounded by Lindt Lindor balls.
  • 1 year, 80% buy back guarantee.
  • Lifetime upgrade to another Crossfire diamond.

Crossfire diamonds are available in both round brilliant and princess, and are available in four different variants:

  • Crossfire Hearts & Arrows – featuring perfect visual symmetry and a guaranteed Hearts & Arrows pattern.
  • Crossfire – GIA triple excellent or AGS000.
  • Crossfire Value – Same proportion tolerances, but with very good polish, very good symmetry or a thick girdle allowed.
  • Crossfire Princess – Princess cuts.

Crossfire will replace our old Signature Series.

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