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More GIA Grading Results

Just before Christmas, we sent nine diamonds to the GIA for grading. As per usual, the results are below.

This time, they only took a few days (not including holidays) to grade all nine stones, which probably worked out faster than some local labs who were closed during the holiday period. GIA also reduced their Diamond Dossier fees about a month ago, so that was another plus.

The stones that we sent were most matched pairs (smaller stones for three stone rings), but there was a couple asscher cuts and a DCLA cert from an upgrade.

We sent the smaller stones to the GIA simply because whenever we sell a three stone ring, we always get asked for GIA certs on the side stones. Plus, in a few weeks time, we’ll have a three stone ring builder that people can use to add these stones to their ring.

Shape Original Grader Original Grade GIA Grade Upgrade/Downgrade?
Princess JGS 0.23 D/VVS2 0.23 D/VVS2 Same
Princess JGS 0.23 D/VVS2 0.23 D/VVS1 Upgrade
Pear JGS 0.23 H/VS2 0.23 G/VS2 Upgrade
Pear JGS 0.23 H/VS1 0.23 H/VS1 Same
Emerald DCLA 1.04 F/VVS2 1.04 E/VS1 Downgrade
Pear JGS 0.30 D/VVS1 0.30 D/VVS1 Same
Pear JGS 0.30 D/VVS1 0.30 D/VVS2 Downgrade
Asscher JGS 0.50 F/VS2 0.50 F/VS1 Upgrade
Asscher JGS 0.82 E/VVS1 0.82 D/VVS1 Upgrade

As you can see there were a few upgrades, which I was please about. I put this down to their previous grading which saw a couple of downgrades to the original Jogia Grading System (JGS) grade. The DCLA however, received a downgrade, but like before, it wasn’t anything to write home about.

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