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Microscopic Videos

We’ve been thinking about how to take microscopic videos for a while now, but we couldn’t because we didn’t know how to, or have the proper equipment.

However, as it turns out, we stuck the camera we used to take Ideal-Scope images onto our existing camera lens, and it fits perfectly (with a little Blu-Tack of course).

The YouTube video doesn’t doesn’t really do it much justice, as uncompressed, it looks really good, and has a 640×480 resolution.

So from now on, we will likely replace, or even complement our existing videos with nice, microscopic videos. This will also allow us to attach the camera to a television and show our Perth clients diamonds under a microscope on a TV screen.

One Response to “Microscopic Videos”

  1. Judha Gutwein Says:

    Looks like a great video to me….
    certainly much to build on!

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