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Jogia Diamonds’ Signature Series Back By Popular Demand!

Between February and September 2007, our Signature Series were the diamonds we offered with full analysis such as photos, videos and cut reports all downloadable online.

However, due to the introduction and success of our Crossfire range, we took discontinued our Signature Series in September 2007. It could possibly have been argued that this was well overdue because in July and August of 2007, our Signature Series wasn’t that popular. Some theorise that that was due to the fact that diamonds in our Signature Series were not GIA certified.

This time around, we’ve made sure that our most of our Signature Series diamonds have GIA certificates. Some , like this 33 pointer and this 35 pointer have our very own in-house certificates, with AGS cut grading and their color grades accurately graded with our colorimeter.

So if you’re looking for an excellent cut diamond at a great price, then have a look a our Signature Series!

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