JCOC.tv Launches August 1 – A New YouTube for Jewellery?

JCOC.TV launches August 1.

In a first for the diamond and jewellery industry, The Jewellery Consumer Opinion Council (now MVI Marketing) is launching a social video site allowing anyone to upload and share their own videos.

JCOC.tv will allow anything from consumer videos to advertisements.

Whilst this JCOC.tv is a good thing for the industry, questions remain such as:

  • Will jewellers respond to this initiative and actually upload videos?
  • Will JCOC.tv be able to offer anything new, and that sites like YouTube don’t already?
  • Is it a not for profit venture, or will it be commercialised with ads, sponsorships or memberships?
  • What will the quality be like (video and download speed)?

All these questions will be answered over time, but in the mean time, we hope to be posting some of own videos on JCOC.tv in the coming weeks.

UPDATE:  JCOC.TV has since closed, but there are plenty of videos on diamonds and jewellery on YouTube.

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