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Is Buying A Diamond Online Absurd?

In the past two months there have been a couple of reports on Today Tonight – one about buying diamonds online and one about buying meat.

The story about buying meat from a sale yard, I thought was absurd. In fact, The Chaser did a comedy skit about it a few weeks ago.

But is buying a diamond online as absurd as buying meat from a sale yard?

A quick comparison reveals that they both allow you to save a lot of money, but in both instances you forgo the traditional service of a jeweller or butcher in order to make the savings.

However, when buying diamonds online, you typically:

  • Get a GIA, AGS or HRD certificate.
  • Get a better quality diamond.
  • Are able to return the diamond if you don’t like it or change your mind.
  • Get full disclosure including photos and cut analysis through some merchants.

Therefore, buying a diamond online doesn’t seem to be absurd as it seems. The problem however lies in the fact that buying a diamond or engagement ring is still a very personal decision, hence despite all the advantages of buying online, the majority still purchase from a brick and mortar jeweller.

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