International Selection Upgrades!

Today we made a couple of changes to how we present and the amount of information on our international selection diamonds.

First off, after months of research, customer feedback and tinkering, we have presented information on our international selection diamonds in four distinct areas. An example can be found here. Rather than listing each parameter line by line, which we have found is confusing, especially if things like measurements are mixed up with fluorescence, we have seperated each diamond’s data into the following four areas:

  • Vital Information – Shape, weight, colour, clarity and fluorescence.
  • Cut Information – Table, depth and measurements of the stone, combined with certificate cut grades and our cut rating for round brilliants.
  • Certification – Links to the certificate copy and GIA verification.
  • Price -Various prices, depending on how you wish to purchase.

Overall, we’ve found that we are now presenting a lot more critical information to our visitors, like diamonds have to be called in, and the deposit required ($150 for diamonds under $10,000 and 10% for those over $10,000).

The second upgrade we made was linking to the actual GIA verification page. However, this is not just a link to the general GIA report check page (requiring you to enter the certificate number and weight),  this is a link directly to the actual GIA verification page for each stone, meaning we’re the first in Australia to do so. To make our site more consumer friendly, we’ve labelled these links “E-Certificates”. This also means that our international selection diamonds aren’t “BOGUS WEBSITE LISTINGS”, as some may say (not that any are or were).

In the next few months, we hope to make even more upgrades to our sorting algorithm and add more diamonds, making our international selection bigger and easier to use.

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