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Improvements to Our Diamond Analysis

We’ve updated our diamond analysis methods and in the coming weeks, will be improving it even further.

The first things we’ve done are:

  • Removed the microscopic photo in overhead lighting. We thought taking a second photo that didn’t show inclusions at 40x magnification was pretty pointless.
  • Replaced the microscopic video with two new types of video. The first is in heavily diffused, fluorescent light. This lighting condition demonstrates both the contrast of a diamond as well as the inclusions. The second video is in overhead fluorescent light and demonstrates what the diamond would look like in real life, or moreover, a jewellery store with bright lights shining directly upon the diamond.
  • Saved full OGI files. Although they are almost 1MB, the smaller version of the OGI files for the 3D web viewer didn’t show all the facets, causing “gaps” in the 3D model.

Over the next few weeks, we will also be making the following changes to our analysis:

  • Adding AGS performance grading, using the AGS Performance Grading Software. The AGS cut grading system will hopefully be simple to understand for potential clients and easily be able to identify and categorise weaknesses in a diamond’s cut.
  • Adding hearts images for Hearts and Arrows diamonds.
  • Retiring the OGI Firetrace output. The Firetrace graphs were, at the best of time confusing and downright incorrect. Although there were a few instances that produced results we agreed on, by enlarge, the results were somewhat meaningless.

Examples of our new analysis can be found here and here.

The other good news is that the same analysis applies to both our Crossfire range and International Selection!

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