Happy New Year!

2007 was a huge year for us.

Along the way, we made a lot of progress, which included:

  • Moving into new offices in central Perth.
  • Setting up our own “cut lab” and analysing every diamond we sold.
  • Lowered prices on our international selection diamonds.
  • Launching our very own brand of Crossfire diamonds.
  • Establishing a new website.
  • Relaunching our diamond engagement rings section, complete with multiple angles and a video for each ring.
  • Establishing a new diamond earrings section. Our Crossfire diamond studs are the only earrings in Australia that are ideal cut, GIA certified, laser inscribed and come with comprehensive cut analysis.
  • Sold more diamonds and diamond jewellery than we had in any previous years.

However, as we look forward to 2008, a year that marks the tenth anniversary of our current website, there are some new innovations that are coming very soon, including:

  • AGS Performance Grading Software.
  • More lab equipment.
  • A better range of diamond earrings.
  • Crossfire engagement rings.
  • An awesome platinum and 18kt gold engagement ring offer.

All of the staff, management and shareholders of Jogia Diamonds, wish readers of this blog and clients a happy and safe new year!

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