GIA Retailer Support Kit

So a few weeks ago we ordered the GIA Retailer Support Kit.

The kit’s contents are below:

GIA Retailer Support Kit

GIA Decal

In the kit are the following:

  • GIA Crystal Display – A small clear display with the GIA name and a diamond in it.
  • GIA Window Decal – To tell everyone you sell GIA certified diamonds.
  • GIA Brochures – About 50 of them, a nice addition to our showbag.
  • Diamond Detail Pocket Card – A take home card explaining the 4Cs. Also has a slot for your business card and a space for the GIA certified diamond you are trying to sell (again about 50 of these).
  • Desktop Educational Pad – A pad that explains every element of a GIA certificate.
  • 4Cs Counter Pad – Useful for sorting diamonds??

Overall, it’s fairly disappointing, especially for the $170 “shipping charge”. Whilst it’s a change from the DPS promotional jewellers have been subjected for decades, it’s not worth the money. It does however provide a good example for other labs wishing to promote themselves.

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