Diamond Specials!

We’ve finally managed to dig out a few diamonds (and one ring) from the depths of our safe and put them on our website.

They’re all being sold at heavily reduced prices (some up to 50% off the original price). Albeit one is certified by DCLA, or as we routinely tell our customers “the best lab in the world” as they are fully compliant and internationally recognised. In addition to the certificate, all diamonds are confirmed by our in-house lab with a colorimeter, microscope as well as an OGI Megascope.

Most of these diamonds are fancy shapes, therefore are a bit of a change from the more popular rounds and princesses. So if you’re not one to buy an engagement ring that looks like everyone else’s, or want a spectacular diamond pendant, then these stones represent terrific value.

All stones are available to view in our Perth office or be sent overnight to anywhere in Australia or New Zealand with our risk free return policy.

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