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Cheap Loupes & Professional Jewellers’ Supplies

Walk into any jewellery supplies store (we have two within a block of our office) and you’ll most likely be greeted with over the top prices compared to prices overseas.

One “accessory” that an increasing amount of diamond buyers want is a loupe, however, locally they cost upwards of $50. For casual or one time use, this simply is not a viable proposition.

However, you can pickup a jewellers’ loupe for under three US dollars including shipping from sites like EBay and AliExpress.

Jewellers Loupe

Of course, I wouldn’t recommend a three dollar loupe for professional use – for the professional, I’d recommend something like a Meiji trinocular gemmological microscope.

For jewellers and other jewellery professionals, there are a range of options for jewellery equipment, supplies and packaging:

  • Kassoy – New York based jewellery supplies, have a huge range of equipment, packaging a tools.
  • Rubin & Son – We’ve had no experience with them, but have heard they’re good.
  • Mehta Packets & Tools – Incredibly cheap tools and equipment. We bought a bunch of diamond tweezers for $1 each, possibly saving us thousands.
  • National Jewelers Supplies – Reasonably priced equipment from the US.
  • Ayres – Reasonably priced for packaging and also do custom printing as well.

If you have any other recommendations for jewellers’ supplies, then please make a comment!

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    Many thanks for the recommendations… investigating now!

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