Changes to The GIA Diamond Dossier

On June 1, The GIA is introducing a few changes to their Diamond Dossier service.

If you don’t already know, the Diamond Dossier is like a mini-cert that the GIA issues for diamonds for diamonds between 0.18 and 0.99ct, as shown below.

Example GIA Diamond Dossier

As opposed to a full certificate, as shown below:

Example Full GIA Certifcate

The main differences between the Diamond Dossier and the full certificate are:

  • Diamond Dossier is around US$10 or US$20 cheaper.
  • Diamond Dossier includes a laser inscription
  • The full certificate includes clarity diagram
  • The full certificate has no upper weight restriction.
  • The full certificate is bigger.

Starting June 1, The GIA will expand the Diamond Dossier service to include diamonds up to 1.99 ct, meaning they, along with laser inscriptions will become more popular.

However, this is at the cost of clarity diagrams. What this means, is that you wont know where the inclusions exactly are by looking at the certificate. This essentially put more meaning into microscopic photos and videos, as provided by us with every diamond purchased.

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