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Cake Mixes and Online Diamond Buying

In the 1950s, Freudian psychotherapy and modern convenience appliances swept America.

One such product line to come out of the 1950s were Betty Crocker’s instant cake mixes. The idea was simple – buy the cake mix, add water, mix and then bake. This was a far cry from what traditional cake making is like – measuring flour, water, sugar, eggs and the rest.

However, to Betty Crocker’s surprise, sales were poor, even though the product offered huge time savings over the traditional methods. The solution? Add an egg!

By introducing another step into the process and requiring housewives to add their own egg, it was argued, removed the guilt that housewives felt due to the fact that they were deceiving their husbands into thinking they put so much effort to bake such a nice cake. Plus, adding an egg made it “look healthier”.

So, how does this relate to online diamond buying? Well, the fact is, that a lot of husbands-to-be (and wives-to-be) think that buying a diamond online is somehow “cheap” and inferior – possibly thinking that paying a lower price is somehow deceiving their partner into thinking they paid a huge amount at a brick and mortar store. Plus, a lot of people still think that diamonds at a brick and mortar store are of a better quality than online.

This leads to the question – what is the proverbial “egg” that online diamond vendors have to do in order to shrug of this “cheap” and inferior image? Perhaps we just need to charge more?

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