Australia’s Top Diamond Grading Laboratories

For a potential diamond buyer, it is easy to research online and find out which are the best diamond grading labs located overseas. For example, GIA and AGS have a stellar reputation, whilst IGI and EGL don’t.

As I blogged about before, Australia has some of the best labs in the world. However, how does one differentiate between them? How does one differentiate the learned Ronnie Bauer between a group of pawnbrokers moonlighting as diamond graders (hint: the pawnbrokers will proudly display their pawnbrokering licence on their website, whilst giving no credentials with respect to their diamond grading ability).

These are the labs that we, along with many members of the trade endorse because of their accurate and consistent grading:

GSL Logo  Gem Studies Laboratory

 Auscert Logo Scientific Gem Testing Laboratory (Auscert)

Bauer Gemmological Laboratories

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