Australian Dollar Falling…

Today the Australian dollar fell below 75 US cents for the first time in years.

We’ve therefore increased the price of a few diamonds in our Crossfire and Signature Series diamonds (above 90pt for now) by an average of 10%, to reflect the replacement cost of these stones. As opposed to our international selection, this is done manually 🙁

A couple of stones that haven’t been included in the price rise (ie: we aren’t going to replace) are:

1.12 K/VS2
1.30 G/VS2 – certified by Sydney’s leading diamond laboratory.

The good news is that platinum has dropped from its highs above US$2200 in February and March to just over US$1000 an ounce, so the price of our platinum rings should drop soon, but the price remains highly volatile and what would seem almost too low compared to gold.

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