An Ideal Christmas Tree

Today, inspired by the people next door, and the City of Perth Christmas decorations, we put up our own Christmas tree.

We thought that putting decorations like balls, tinsel and snowmen would be way too boring, so we decorated our tree another way.

Jogia Diamonds' Christmas Tree

Decorations include:

  • Ideal-Scope
  • Hearts and Arrows Scope
  • Diamond Flute
  • Diamond Polishing Cloth
  • Crossfire Ring Box
  • Jogia Diamonds’ Business Cards
  • GIA Diamond Dossiers
  • GSL Certificate
  • DPS Promotional Stand
  • Lombard Finance Promotional Stand
  • DCLA Certificate (placed at the top because they’re apparently the best….)

In addition to this, our logo has changed to reflect the Christmas period. In the new year, our logo will change again to celebrate 10 years of being incorporated.

3 Responses to “An Ideal Christmas Tree”

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  2. Kevin Says:

    Awesome! Where can I buy one? :-p

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