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A Huge List of Diamond Shapes and Brands

If you think there’s only a handful of shapes to choose from when buying a diamond, think again.

The Global Diamond Portal have a huge list of shapes and brands you can choose from when buying a diamond. Everything from the traditional round brilliant cut to the Christmas Tree Cut.

As you can see, new cuts are being developed (and patented) all the time in order to produce a brighter stone. Despite all these new cuts, the good old round brilliant still accounts for the majority of diamond sales.

Of the branded cuts listed on that page, Jogia Diamonds carries Aleya branded stones, which “combines the beauty of both an emerald and radiant cut” (either square or rectangular), and has 81 facets.

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  1. Jogia Diamonds - Blog » Square Hearts and Arrows Cut! Says:

    […] are in fact A LOT of patented square and rectangular cuts, as it seems every diamond manufacturer has their own patented square cut that outshines the rest. […]

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