A Couple of Changes

Over the past year, we’ve been taking heed of customer feedback, and today, we have introduced a couple of changes.
The first is we are now no longer sending our diamonds to independent appraisers in Sydney and Melbourne. This is mostly due to the fact that this service is no longer popular with our clients due to the following reasons:

  • We offer photographs, cut analysis and videos of every diamond we sell. This allows for a more informed decision on the quality of a diamond than viewing in person.
  • More people trust internet vendors, and online shopping has become a way of life for many people.
  • The cost and inconvenience of sending a diamond interstate and the arranging a viewing was too much of an inconvenience for many of our clients, given that they weren’t diamond experts.

When we first started sending diamonds to Sydney and Melbourne in 2007, about two or three clients per month used this service. However, in the past six months,we were lucky if one client used this service in two months. Therefore, due to the lack of popularity and cost, we are no longer offering this service. However, in lieu of this decision, we are now offering an extra four days on our return policy for International Selection diamonds (up to 14 from 10 days).

The other change is that we have added online ordering to our International Selection diamonds and rings. Previously, we offered online ordering for our Crossfire and Signature Series diamonds, as they were guaranteed to be in stock. However, we stayed away from offering online ordering for our International Selection, as we had to check the diamond’s availability, eye-cleanliness and transparency before the order was placed.

Now however, our clients can order our International Selection diamonds online, and pay the deposit via credit card or bank transfer. An important¬† note to this is that once the order is placed, we merely reserve the funds from the client’s credit card, not charge it – the credit card is only charged when the order is confirmed.
These are just two of the changes we have implemented. Over the next few months, we will introduce an earring builder – similar to our ring builder, as well as a number of other changes designed to enhance our customer’s experience with us.

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