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1987 De Beers Design Award Diamond Earrings

Recently we received a pair of 21 year old diamond earrings that won the 1987 DeBeers’ “Diamonds Today” design award.

Diamond Earrings

The earrings feature black resin (not onyx!) surrounded with a melee border, and each with a 40pt (approximate weight) centre stone.

Although I haven’t personally tried them on, I am told that even though they are bulky, they are engineered to balance perfectly on one’s ears.

These earrings were designed by Rhonda Jogia, who was one of Australia’s top jewellery designers.

DeBeers Award

They will soon be on display in our Perth showroom, and the price can be found out on application.

6 Responses to “1987 De Beers Design Award Diamond Earrings”

  1. simon stirling Says:

    just to say my wife thinks these diamond earings are beautiful.

  2. Evgeniy Jeweller Says:

    very interesting design. i like this black resin. it looks very stylish

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    […] Our showcase isn’t quite complete yet, there are still more rings to come, as well as earrings, including some award winning earrings. […]

  4. Mary Says:

    Do you need to have an B in computer science to operate a blog like this?

  5. Ling Bill Says:

    amazing stuff

  6. Bettie Troendle Says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post! I get excited by anythings antiques, but in particular engagement rings.

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