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10 Ways Diamond Dealers Can Help The Environment

With Earth Day upon us once again, when most people think about diamonds and the environment, they think about the huge impact that diamond mining it has on the earth. However, little do they know that the humble diamond dealer can make a big impact on the environment.

Below are 10 ways that can help make diamond dealers more “eco-friendly”.

  1. Reuse packets – those diamond packets can be reused over and over again for melee, new stones etc.
  2. If you’re buying from overseas or interstate, the more stones you buy, the better. Similarly, if you’re sending diamonds to a lab overseas or interstate, send multiple stones, not just one. Both of these tips will help reduce aircraft emissions.
  3. Reuse those Fedex and little metal boxes. If you import diamonds from overseas, these boxes will be familiar to you. A good way of reusing them is to use them for domestic shipping.
  4. Don’t send diamonds to multiple labs hoping for the best grade. This wastes a lot of paper!
  5. Consider replacing old-style invoice and memo books with software that allows you to email invoices and memo notes to your customers.
  6. Turn off all lights and office equipment at night.
  7. Don’t send customers stock lists every month. Not only are these annoying for most recipients, but they waste an enormous amount of paper.
  8. If your office is in the CBD, use public transport.
  9. Use smaller certs like the GIA Diamond Dossier. Most labs offer a mini-certificate service, which can save up to 70% of the paper used by a full certificate.
  10. Get rid of cheques and faxes and replace them with electronic transfers and emails. Not only is is more efficient, but also cuts down on all that paper wasted.

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