How To Clean Diamonds For Viewing Under A Microscope

As you may or may not know, most diamonds from Jogia Diamonds are put under the microscope (amongst other things) for customers to approve prior to purchasing.

Since these photographs are taken at about 20x, a clear “window” into the diamond is a must. Any dust or dirt on the diamond will make the diamond look more included than it actually is.

Unfortunately, the chemical used to provide that clear window is usually methanol, which is only available from chemical suppliers.

In an attempt to avoid the harshness of methanol, we tried a number of chemicals available from chemists and supermarkets, most of which are harmless and don’t need gloves.


Unfortunately, none of these worked too well as they either left streaks or didn’t clean the dust off properly, so in the end, we had to buy some analytical grade methanol, along with gloves to protect ourselves.


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